The Cologne Philip K Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Film Festival

October 14-15 

Filmclub 813
Kino 813 in der BRÜCKE
Hahnenstraße 6
50667 Köln
Tel/Fax: 0221/3106-813

Friday, October 14, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm




7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Dir:  Darren Mapletoft 
15 min.
UK, 2014

When a teleportation experiment goes wrong, submariner Billy Bourne finds his crewmates have all disappeared. Determined to dance with his ‘Baby’ again, he faces a race against time to make his own escape.



Tale Of A Tinkerer

Dir: Ben Hutchinson 
12 min.
UK, 2016

Instead of living his life, Alan spends his days tinkering in his workshop attempting to change the world. But when Alan finally realises his goals, he does not get the outcome he had hoped for.




Dir. Kenneth Mader
14 min.
USA, 2016

A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. is a Science Fiction/Thriller/ Drama Series. It follows a team of Intelligence Agents as they become drawn deeper into a web of conspiracy, deception and cover-ups, all related to the mysterious UFO and alien abduction phenomenon.




Dir: Florian Frerichs 
13 min.
Germany, 2014

In the tradition of science fiction like “Fahrenheit 451″ or "Brave New World“, “Phoenix“tells the story of a man coming to his senses after a young woman makes him realize the true nature of the world they are living in.



The Plague Doctor

Dir: Emanuele Mengotti
4 min.
USA / Italy, 2014

Upon being called to care for an elderly writer, a young doctor finds himself trapped in a deranged mix of reality, the obsure legend of an ancient italian mask and the echos of a timeless love.




Dir. by Daniel Ahrens 
4 min.
Germany, 2016

For the past two years my dad has been suffering from a rare kind of blood cancer. After witnessing how horrible cancer is for patients as well as everyone around them, I wanted to visualize, through film, this awful disease that has plagued so many individuals and families.




Dir: Mark Bethke
12 min.
Germany, 2016

Mikelis, a mathematician working for the European Union, is sitting in a hotel 
room in Brussels, one day after his retirement. He is waiting for what he knows will be his last visitor, Carl.




Dir: Gary Lee
11 min.
USA, 2016

A man stays one step ahead of nefarious forces in the race to find a child who may hold   the key to mankind’s future.


Break: Virtual Reality/Immersive Experience

9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

(Included with ticket)

Dead Head

Dir: Ben Leonberg 
3 min.
USA, 2016

Experience a unique perspective of the Zombie Apocalypse... Will Hank and Julie make it out of the barn alive? Find out in this head-pounding Virtual Reality encounter like you've never seen.


I, Philip

Dir: Pierre Zandrowicz
14 min.
France, 2015

In early 2005, David Hanson, an American robotics, is developing its first android human. His name is Phil and it is simply the copy of the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick. In a few weeks Phil became famous on the Web and in the author’s fan circles. It is presented in several conferences around the world. In late 2005, the head of the android disappeared during a flight America West Airlines between Dallas and Las Vegas.



Dir: Philipp Maas  and Dominik Stockhausen
6 min.
Germany, 2014

Sonar was created by Philipp Maas and Dominik Stockhausen at Film Acadamy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 2014.  Alexander Maas composed the brilliant musical score.  Their concept of a classic Sci-Fi horror film was dramatically altered after they got hold of an Oculus Developer Kit 1 Virtual Reality Headset.  At that point they started creating this 360° experience for VR use.  This short first appeared for download to Oculus Rift users but is now available in full stereoscopic 3d for Google Cardboard and Gear VR owners.

I'll Make You Bleed

Dir:  Ryan Hartsell
3 min.
USA,  2016

Standing helpless, only bear witness to a ritualistic virgin sacrifice in the tradition of The Bohemian Grove Society, the viewer is transported into an emotional and visceral experience set to the music of "These Machines Are Winning." This 360 VR video was shot against a beautiful moonlit backdrop using a custom low-light sensitive camera rig making it one of the first high quality nighttime VR pieces to date.




Theme: The Eschaton, Infinity and Beyond

9:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Dir: Juho Aittanen
12 min.

A love story between two men and a sentient planet. What happens when an artist relationship with his muse is threatened by a entity beyond the void of space?
A short film based on the original story by H.P. Lovecraft.


Art For Data Center Workers

Dir: Eva Pel
12 min. 
Amsterdam, 2016

A short experimental art film about an imaginairy art exhibition for the workman of the data center inside the high security data center in Amsterdam.




Dir: Cenk Guzelis 
9 min.
Austria, 2016

The Aleph is an animation movie. Aleph is a point in a space which contains all the points of universe, where all the universe can be observed without distortion or confusion. Aleph is found in the woods of Vienna. Based on the short story by Jorge Luis Borges.


The Slow and the Everlasting

Dir: Lukas Väth 
15 min.
Germany, 2016

On an abandoned cart road young notary assistent Franz crashes with his motorcycle and is found by a stranger shortly afterwards. A surreal journey through the interiority of the lost protagonist runs its course. A film about the hopelessness of freedom.




Dir: Jeremy Shaw  
35 minutes
Germany, 2016

Set 500 years in the future, Quickeners tells the story of Human Atavism Syndrome (H.A.S.), an obscure disorder afflicting a tiny portion of the Quantum Human population to desire and feel as their Human Being predecessors once did. 



Piper in the Woods

Dir: Matthew Ramirez
7 min.
USA, 2016

With strange things happening at a remote research station, a university psychologist is sent to investigate. Based on a short story by Philip K.Dick.